Are social media videos right for your brand? Do you have a Vine or Instagram?

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Twitter is behind the launch of Vine and has said that Vine was created to inspire creativity, capture motion,and sound. Originally launched an iOS in October 2012 and on Android June 2013, Vine is a new mobile sharing app that allows you to upload 6-second videos to share with your followers. Launched in October 2010, Instagram was originally […]

Pinterest Launches ‘Place Pins’! Can It Help Your Business Be Discovered By Users?

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Pinterest has recently launched a new product called ‘places pins’. How it works is, users can pin a certain business (like a coffee shop or jewelry store) on a map with its specific locations. Pinterest utilizes Foursquare to manage the location-based data as well as other travel and media companies like TripAdvisor, Trulia, Atlas Obscura […]

Hootsuite vs. Buffer…. which is the right choice for you?

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Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the most popular social media tools for corporations, small businesses, and individuals to manage their social media accounts. Hootsuite Buffer Accounts Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, Myspace, and Mixi Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Scheduling Simple and straight forward No limited to number of scheduled posts Has ‘auto […]

Is Hootsuite right for you?

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Hootsuite is a rather popular comprehensive social media tool that can be used for personal, professional, or business use. But it may be better for a small business owner to hire a professional to manage their social media accounts rather than trying to do it themselves. HootSuite Pros Manage multiple social media networks from one […]

A Lesson Well Learned

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I recently had a wonderful learning opportunity, thanks to a client of mine, on communication breakdowns.  This learning lesson gave me a great way to reconsider my processes and figure out how to really redefine my communication skills.  I must say that this was a lesson that was hard to swallow, but it really made […]

Social Media News

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3 KEY DIGITAL MARKETING SKILLS STUDENTS DON’T LEARN IN COLLEGE If you’ve interviewed marketing candidates straight out of college, you’ve likely noticed a surprising trend. These rising young professionals may be sharp, thoughtful digital natives—but all too often, they don’t have the online marketing skills required in today’s marketplace. The reason? University marketing departments are […]