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Marketing Management

You’ve got your social media in place, your website is humming along, blogging check, email campaigns set up and ready to go, you’re feeling great! But then bam!! You’re business has taken off and now you don’t have the time to keep up on all your marketing efforts. That’s why you call us. We can not only manage it all for you, we can also do all the hard work.


Are you sharing your story? Do you have a lot to say about your business, how you started or simply want to express your true self? Blogging is a way to really showcase your knowledge and expertise while giving helpful information to your ideal audience.

Simply Social Media

Keeping your social channels up dated as well as pushing across consistent content is key to keep your raving fans coming back over and over. Not just any content, but what really matters for your ideal clients. Are you pushing across content that they can use today or simply trying to sell them on you? Let us help you be seen as the expert in your industry while sharing helpful information that your audience finds relevant.

Dynamic Marketing

Are you tired of going to various places to get your marketing pieces in place for your business? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to one source for all your marketing? Now you can. We work to pull together cohesive marketing strategies to get you in front of the people that matter to you, your ideal clients.


Website Creation

Your website is essentially your online brochure regarding your business. It’s also a great way to pull in leads that turn into paying clients. When you pull your website together you want someone who listens to you and how you want your business represented online. Is your website visually pleasing? Is the content easy to read and maneuver? These are key elements you want in place for a stellar business presence.


Search Engine Optimization can help people find you on the front page of Firefox, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Edge, Chrome, Safari…. When your client’s are looking online for your website, what do they see? Are you on the first page, second, third or forth page? Believe it or not, if they have to look beyond the second page they’ve moved on. Let’s help you get on the first page every time to make it easy for your potential client’s to find you.

What else we provide?


Don’t let your revenue be effected due to poorly trained staff. Let us help you get your staff trained in digital marketing and Office 365.

Lead Pages

Want more leads? A lead page can help you not only get leads, but it can tell you where these leads came from, what type of service/product they want, and help you create a sales funnel for services/products you want to highlight.

Email Campaigns

Want to share your expertise with your list, an upcoming workshop, or simply share some a new product or service? Email campaigns can do just this and more.

Social Media Cleanup

Have too many social channels in place? Maybe you have accounts that are wandering in social space confusing your clients. Wouldn’t you like to have a clean slate where you have a cohesive presence? We can help.

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I needed to open a Website for a conference I administer every year in England. I tried several people who would tell me it could be done, only to later say……”not the way you need it done.”  Then I was fortunate to come across KV@ – Virtually Everywhere.  Katrina Garcia not only listen to my needs, but produced a Website well beyond my wildest expectations.  She was creative, persistent on getting the job done, ahead of schedule, and consulted with me every step of the way to make sure I was satisfied. I would highly recommend KV@ – Virtually Everywhere for anyone who knows what they need, but does not have the creative aspect that is required to build an effective Website.

Anna Sutton Nana's Children

Working with Katrina Garcia and KV@Virtually Everywhere to create my Divine Jazz Cruise website has been a wonderful experience.  From the moment we scheduled our first appointment to discuss my website needs, Katrina was both highly professional and thoroughly committed to building a successful site.  Katrina put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and patience into building the perfect website to reach my target audience, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.   Katrina’s attention to detail is second to none, and she was quick to offer suggestions to enhance my requests.  I highly recommend to any business owner that they work with Katrina and KV@Virtually Everywhere for their web design needs.

Lynn Rudin Owner of Devine Jazz Cruises

Thanks to KV@ Virtually Everywhere I’m getting more clients everyday. My business has grown substantially thanks to my new website. I can’t thank you enough for pulling together a simple, elegant website for such a great price.

Nelly Klein Owner of The Perfect Bite CakeBalls

Who we are?

We believe in our customers - first and foremost! We believe in working to deliver EVERY TIME with Integrity, because we care about YOU and your business as if it were our very own. We do this by providing a high value custom marketing service to help entrepreneurs & mid-sized businesses save time and thrive! We make it easy to create , brand and schedule across all of your marketing platforms - from website & social media, to blogging, e-newsletters and email marketing.

We are a boutique marketing firm and would like you to consider us your Marketing Champion!!



About us

KV@ Virtually Everywhere Inc. has been delivering results since we opened in 2006. Our goal has always been to provide the best customer experience in the business. We value our customers and pride ourselves in the services we provide.

With over 10 years of experience in the Digital World of Marketing KV@ Virtually Everywhere is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve upon.


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